Complimentary WiFi and mobile engagement for advertising your brand, bringing in buyers right now

Complimentary WiFi and mobile engagement – a killer combination for retailers and restaurants …. contact for a trial program.
Landing Page McDonaldsFree WiFi has become nearly standard in U.S. hotspots, with some 81% of them now letting users get around paying for Internet access. In fact, this, combined with existing cellular data plans, has made it almost impossible for companies that charge a fee for WiFi access to make any business.
It is  estimated that less than 1% of consumers connect to the Internet when WiFi is charged, whereas free networks average more than 10 times the number of users consuming more than 20 times the bandwidth. That, combined with the captive audience aspect of malls, restaurants, auto service and doctor’s waiting rooms, and coffee shops, spells advertising opportunity.
While some businesses simply foot the bill themselves in order to attract customers, the revenue model behind services like Media2Go’s is that the connection is free to run for the business because the network becomes an avenue to deliver advertising. This is effectively the online media equivalent of when a soda company provides a convenience store with a free, branded refrigerator, or a bar has outdoor umbrellas with a drink company’s branding on it.
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