Location Based Marketing – the next big thing?

Hi … I’m Paul Baron. I’ve always been ahead of the curve on technology products, services, and solutions – that hasn’t always translated into anything but being called, “the ultimate consumer.” And while I’ve tried, on many an ocassion, to make my living off the innovations that I’ve seen … and off some that I’ve created, I’ve been more often on the consumer side than the beneficiary of any financial success from these endeavors.

I missed out on the Pet Rock (I know, not technology), Velcro, Post-it notes, still don’t understand how a fax machine works (although I’ve licensed fax over IP technology to OEM’s), was one of the first to buy a scientific calculator (when it was $149 from TI – now you get them in boxes of Cracker Jacks,) laptop computer (when they were so heavy, they hurt your lap,) I’m #13,801 on LinkedIn of the 160Million+ members it now claims – a bit closer to the front of the pack than the late comers, and my eyes are always open for ‘the next big thing.’

So, I found it — Proximity Marketing or LBM (Location Based Marketing) – streaming devices the size of a small modem that casts a wireless net via WiFi or Bluetooth to capture consumers or anyone in proximity of the device, with a compelling message, promotion, video, or other electronic information that the sender hopes is of interest to the mobile recipient.  To complement your internet searches for “what you want”, “where you want it” – now, you can know about what you might want, where you are, even if you didn’t think you cared.  The sender certainly hopes you will … and the cycle of consumerism can continue to thrive.

Of course, it’s not all about the business of buying something … event hosts can instantly notify attendees of a change of rooms or speakers, emergency alerts can be broadcast right to those immediately affected the most, based on their location to an incident, and, yes, $1.00 off your latte in the next 10 minutes, can be yours, if you just make a left turn into the coffee shop; or pick up a free bag of chips inside the convenience store after you get your gas.

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