How Pinterest is flipping the merchandising model for mobile retailers

Social media needs to be viewed as a comprehensive part of a retailers’ mobile strategy. … “By leveraging a customer’s ability to easily share products, reviews, promotions and other content over social channels, businesses can engage with a much larger audience and maximize their reach. In essence, social media creates a multiplier effect to enhance a brand’s message over the mobile channel,” said Carin Van Vuuren, chief marketing officer of Usablenet, New York. 

“At a high level, social media appeals to businesses that want to increase their brand awareness. However, which platform a business chooses to promote depends on what they believe will have the greatest reach based on their audience,” Ms. Van Vuuren said.

“And as social sharing continues to increase in popularity, we are experiencing a notable shift on the mobile channel. Instead of driving traffic that originates on their social platforms to mobile, brands are now viewing mobile as a starting point in the customer journey and are integrating social as part of the holistic user experience,” she said.

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