Mobile marketing economic output is set to rise to $400 Billion by 2015

The Economic Impact of Mobile Marketing In the United States

Here are excerpts from a six-month investigation into the size and scope of the impact of mobile marketing on the United States economy, conducted at the behest of the Mobile Marketing Association.

The report indicates that the mobile marketing ecosystem…

  • …exhibits remarkable levels of investment for an industry so young: $6.7 billion spent on it by client-side marketers and retailers across all industries in 2012, a figure likely to reach almost $20 billion by 2015;

  • …contributes even more impressive levels of incremental output to the U.S. economy: $139 billion in 2012, and reaching $400 billion by 2015, with at least 85% of this sales impact taking place in “off-line”, “brick and mortar” locations;

  • …currently sustains over a half million jobs in 2012, and will likely support upwards of a million and a half workers by 2015, including both direct and indirect employees; in fact, every single employee in a direct mobile marketing communications role will support over 23 workers in non-mobile occupations throughout all 50 states and the District of Columbia in that year.

In interpreting these facts, bear in mind that these figures of increased economic output and employment are entirely comprised of supplemental U.S. income and jobs that would not exist but for the successful exchange of marketing communications through mobile media. 

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