Wifi Proximity Marketing and How It Works

In this is article you will learn what is WiFi proximity marketing and how it works.

Lets say you own a restaurant.

Up until now you’ve allowed your customers to log on to your WiFi and surf the internet on what ever mobile device they have.

Now lets say you wanted to promote a marketing message that would grab your customers attention. You could either hang up a sign with the information, or you could announce it on the loud speaker (although that would be a little a annoying) or you can utilize an amazing new technology: WiFi proximity marketing.

This simply means that when some one logs on to your WiFi in your restaurant, the first thing they will see on their screen is your restaurants marketing message/advertisement (and below it will say something like “connecting to the internet in 15 secs”) – your customers are staring at the screen anyways and this way you can grab their attention with your message.

This is an extremely powerful marketing tool that can be utilized in malls, airports and where ever WiFi is available in public. 

Media2Go is a unique start-up that has created this fascinating technology.

The Media2go software offers you a rapid setup, real-time campaign management and visual results analysis. This is a all-in-one Wi-Fi and Bluetooth proximity marketing solution.

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